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MediSapiens Biond Explorer, NGS genomic analysis
like never before!

Import and store, manage and analyze, all your genomics data in
one easy affordable and intuitive browser-based platform!

MediSapiens releases FusionSCOUT Cancer datasets!

We have used gold standard fusion gene detection pipeline
to mine out a comprehensive set on novel gene fusions
from TCGA cancer datasets.

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New! Biond Explorer
New! FusionSCOUT

Custom Software Development

MediSapiens has an established track record as a provider of customized software solutions for various customers worldwide. Whether you need to implement a new analysis algorithm or add a new data visualization tool to you existing system, we can help you. 

Or if you need a fully integrated solution to manage and utilize multidimensional data, we are capable of providing a tailored solution for you.

Browse our core expertise gallery and our references, and contact us for a solution to meet your needs.

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Customer References

MediSapiens has a successful track record of creating customized bioinformatic software solutions to various organizations worldwide; ranging from comprehensive data management system for Bayer HealthCare to full sample and data processing system to MyDogDNA, an animal DNA testing service

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